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Lost Girl
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Welcome to lostgirl_tv, Livejournal's first community for Showcase's new show Lost Girl starring Anna Silk as Bo. We officially opened on September 13th, 2010 after the first episode hit the West Coast.

Please note that due to a recent influx of spammers, this community is moderated. I do my best to approve posts & membership requests within 24 hours. Why didn't I get added? If it's been over 24 hours and you still haven't been approved, most likely it's because your journal is brand new; there's no comments and/posts; or there's nothing to tell me that your journal is a real journal and not a spam/robot journal. If you are concerned that your membership request has not been approved, please leave me a comment at this post. Due to issues with spammers, I've sometimes not approved a real request for membership.

lostgirl_tv allows posts focused on graphics, fanfiction and discussion for the show. Once you've joined the community, please check out this post for the member's rules. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to leave me a comment at this post or PM if necessary.

Official Links: Twitter / Showcase / SyFy UK

Affiliates: bo_kenzi / dyson_kenzi / lostgirlelite / bo_dyson / galorechallenge / crossovers50 / xoverland / ksenia_fans / lostgirl20n20 / bo_lauren / krishrdaily / (if you'd like to become one, please leave me a comment here)

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